Compact Flash Card Recovery

Very often, it is the smallest pieces of technology that are the most vulnerable. Thanks to regular back up services and duplication of data in many businesses and homes, hard drive data loss may never be an issue for you. However, no matter how careful you are, compact flash card recovery may be a service that you require. Compact flash cards are so often used in devices without any way to back up the memory, such as cameras, PDAs and video recorders. If you have a problem with the card then there is no other source for that information. Kenedacom offers compact flash recovery services that will allow you to save the data on a malfunctioning or damaged card. We can help you preserve otherwise irreplaceable photographs, documents or important business meeting recordings. Our services are not limited to the compact style cards either; we service XD, memory sticks, USB flash drives and more.

Compact Flash Recovery Experts

Our expert technicians have years of data recovery and reconstruction experience. At Kenedacom Data Recovery Inc, we have been restoring seemingly lost files for over 15 years. We apply the same care and precision to compact flash card recovery as we do the largest of hard drives. We make it easy to recover your lost data. Simply call us at 1-866-401-5860 24 hours a day, any day of the year, to briefly discuss your situation with a trained representative and determine the likelihood of recovering your data. An online data recovery evaluation is also available. After assessing the situation, the best strategy for you budget and time frame can be selected. You simply ship your device to us or we can arrange to have it picked up if necessary. Upon receipt, your device will be evaluated and a final quote will be issued if we feel we can recover your data. Once accepted, we will rescue your information and return it to you on a data CD or DVD. We can also make files available for FTP transfer. Compact flash recovery is possible when you choose the experts at Kenedacom Data Recovery Inc.


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