Surpassing Other Data Recovery Companies

Kenedacom's hard drive data recovery experts have a 15 year history of restoring digital information. We offer several advantages over other data recovery companies, not the least of which is our experience. We also operate a 24 hour a day, 365 day a year toll free emergency hot line at 1-866-401-5860 that allows you to connect with a representative for a preliminary evaluation of your chances for digital information restoration. An online evaluation is also available. Our hard drive data recovery services are not only fast but also completely confidential. We will provide you with a signed confidentiality agreement that guarantees your security. Another tremendous advantage is our investment in the latest technology for our restoration labs.

Beyond Hard Drive Data Recovery Services

If there is one thing that makes us even more valuable to our customers than our emergency service or experience, it is our versatility. Hard drive data recovery services are only the beginning with Kenedacom. We work on both Apple and Windows machines (both desk top and laptop models) regardless of operating system used. However, we are also able to operate on raids and servers. In fact, we can recover data from a wide variety of devices including USB flash, or jump, drives and cards. We recover digital information from a range of removable media including ZIP, JAZ and floppy disks, CDs, DVDs and even tape cartridges. Other data recovery companies do not offer our unique combination of prompt, courteous customer service, expertise and versatility.

If you find yourself faced with a damaged memory device or accidentally erased files, trust Kenedacom Data Recovery Inc to help you restore your important digital files. We are always available to help you.


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