Computer Data Recovery Services

Kenedacom Data Recovery Inc is your trusted source for confidential digital information restoration. We offer computer data recovery services on a wide variety of products including both Mac and Windows based computers, various flash drives and cards, ZIP, JAZ and floppy disks and even tape. We include a confidentiality agreement with all of our services. In addition to our normal operations we also offer emergency data recovery on damaged items as well as recover data from hard drives that have had files overwritten or erased. Our system engineers have the experience and skills necessary to rescue your data from even the worst situations.

Hard Drive File Recovery

Often, there is nothing wrong with the hard drives we receive at Kenedacom Data Recovery Inc. A large percentage of our hard drive file recovery work is caused by operator error. Even if a file has been deleted or unintentionally altered, many times your data is still available, even though it is not readily accessible. Our computer data recovery services can restore files that have been erased or even overwritten. In most of these cases, because the drive itself is still perfectly functional, we can even replace your files onto the hard drive. If you prefer, your information can be saved to CD or DVD or even set up for an FTP transfer.

Emergency Data Recovery Services

Often lost data needs to be recovered as soon as possible. Our dedication to emergency data recovery starts with our toll free contact hot line. You can call 1-866-401-5860 any time, 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Our trained representative will ask you a series of questions to determine how likely it is that your data will be able to restored. If successful hard drive file recovery seems probable, you can then ship your device to us as quickly as you can for priority service. By choosing to set up an FTP transfer, you can get to your data almost as soon as we recover it.


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