Expert Flash Drive Recovery

At Kenedacom Data Recovery Inc, we are experts in all forms of data recovery. In addition to restoring lost data from desktop and laptop hard drives, we also offer flash drive recovery services. As we become more reliant on digital technology, flash style memory is also becoming more important. At Kenedacom Data Recovery Inc, we are able to not only rescue information from damaged USB style drives but also from the cards that provide removable memory for phones, PDAs, cameras, MP3 players and other common devices. Compact Flash card recovery can often save irreplaceable photographs and other unique data. Kenedacom is ready to help you with cards that have been physically damaged or that have simply "locked up."

Flash Card Recovery Services

Flash cards have a number of different formats and brand names. We offer flash card recovery services for almost every available device including:

Many people make the mistake of thinking that just because these devices are relatively small and inexpensive that if there is a problem, there are no options. The fact is that our expert technicians can often recover the important pictures, documents or audio and video recordings from damaged flash units.

You can rely on our flash drive recovery services when you find your drive or card damaged. Once your information has been recovered, we can return it to you on a data CD or DVD, a hard drive you provide or via a FTP transfer. Do not resign yourself to losing irreplaceable data in the event of a flash drive failure; allow us to help you.


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