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Most modern businesses rely on digital storage for their most important information. From human resources files to accounting records, computers store critical information. When something happens and your information appears lost you can depend on Kenedacom, the leading hard disk data recovery expert in the field, to retrieve your crucial files. Our system engineers can rescue your files from damaged hardware or when files have been erased or overwritten. We can also assist with tape and RAID data recovery. Canada based, we help businesses throughout North America. When you need us, we are always on call thanks to our 24 hour toll free hot line at 1-866-401-5680.

RAID Data Recovery Canada Trusts

There are many systems in the average office that hold important data. Whether files need to be retrieved from a dropped laptop or for full RAID data recovery, Canada knows to trust Kenedacom Data Recovery Inc. Now, companies throughout the United States are discovering the leader in digital information recovery as well. At Kenedacom, we do not limit ourselves to large scale recovery operations. We also offer tape data recovery services. In fact, we can assist you with a wide range of removable media.

Tape Data Recovery Services

At Kenedacom Data Recovery Inc, we realize that your critical data may be stored in a number of places. From compact flash cards that contain audio recordings of meetings or one of a kind photographs to RAID systems, the average company has dozens of devices storing information. In addition to being your hard disk data recovery expert, we can help you by rescuing data from almost anything. USB Flash drive, Apple Mac hard drive and back up tape data recovery are a few of our more popular services. We also can retrieve files from CDs, DVDs, ZIP disks and even aging floppy disks. Contact today with your data restoration needs. All of your information will be kept in the strictest of confidence.


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