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Headquartered in Montreal, Kenedacom Data Recovery Inc has been a leader in the digital information restoration industry for 15 years. We are the experts in data recovery Canada and the United States turns to in emergency situations. Our toll free emergency hot line, 1-866-401-5680, is answered 24 hours a day, every day of the year, by a trained representative who will conduct a brief triage evaluation to determine the likelihood of recovering your data and the best course of action to take. If disk drive recovery seems likely, you simply have your device rush shipped to us for priority service. Upon receipt system engineers will conduct a hands on evaluation and issue a final estimate before proceeding. After our hard drive data recovery experts extract your data it can be transferred back to you using the method of your choice, including via our FTP server for near immediate retrieval. Hard copies can also be made.

Hard Drive Data Recovery Experts

Kenedacom systems engineers have not only the skill and knowledge necessary to recover digital files but also state of the art technology at their disposal. Our hard drive data recovery experts can retrieve information that has been overwritten as well as from damaged equipment. We have been able to locate and retrieve files even after catastrophic damage to systems. When in need of data recovery, Canada and the United States both can turn to Kenedacom. We are your best chance to free information from a hard drive whether it is used in a Mac or PC.

Disk Drive Recovery And More

In today's digital age, information is stored a number of ways. Disk drive recovery is only one of the services offered at Kenedacom Data Recovery Inc. We are also able to rescue files from damaged floppy disks, USB flash drives, memory cards and many other types of removable media. Because removable storage is used in so many personal devices, this is data that has no available back up until it is transferred to a computer. A damaged flash card does not mean the information is lost; contact Kenedacom and allow us to retrieve your irreplaceable photographs, audio and documents.


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